Saturday, March 3, 2012

Food Anonymous Diet Day 3

This morning I woke up, did my run, and ate:

- 2 pieces of grilled chicken from KFC, threw away the biscut
- walked over to the new Wingstop and had 12 wings plain with honey mustard and ranch dressing, the wings were good but I knew they were deep fried in grease :(
- small order of baked beans which weren't that great, the baked beans at Everett & Jones BBQ in Jack London Square are way better
- 2 bowls of instant Maple Sugar oatmeal which made me go shit
- small sorbet ice cream from the ColdStone Creamery, I got a lemon sorbet ice cream and added black cherries & strawberries, it was soooo good!
- ceaser salad with carnitas, parm cheese, croutons
- small horchata

I know its only day 3 but my food choices will get better!

My friend Yvette just gave me the low down on what other foods I can eat besides the standard Food Anonymous Diet plan which consists of two 4 oz salads, two portions of 8 oz of meat for protein and yogurt in the morning to get the intestinal track moving.

Yvette said I can also eat green vegatables and all fruits except for banana's and grapes, I guess because they're loaded with sugar.

I can also eat oatmeal in the mornings other then yogurt, which is good because I know at some point I'll get burnt out on McDonald's yougurt.

So, I have to work extra hard not to eat my instant Cream of Wheat or instand grits because those items aren't on the menu.

For now, I'm going to finish the boxes that I do have and not buy anymore.

Okay folks, I will say this, after I came home and ate the instant oatmeal, the KFC Chicken and wings whatever else that has been hiding up my ass came out with no problem. I was so happy, I know its still early to see any kind've results so I'll take what I can get, atleat for now.

Happy Dieting!


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