Sunday, March 4, 2012

Food Anonymous Diet Day 4

Today was a good day. I've always noticed when I wasn't dieting, I've always managed to splurge on junk food one day in a work week and today was that day, but I did a lot better then I usually do because of my eating choices:

- leftover ceaser salad with carnitas, but didn't eat the pork, it just didn't seem that tantlizing the next day
- 2 packets of Maple Sugar Oatmeal with 2 chopped banana's, holy shit oatmeal is a good fiber item to induce a good shit
- 1 sugar cone of pralines n' cream
- nachos with extra cheese & jalepeno's from the Cal Womens Basketball Game consession, I ordered a bottle of water to drink but also got a SOBE flavored water drink
- caramel & chocolate sundae from Ben & Jerry's in Berkeley
- orange and apple from Walgreen's

Amazingly, I think all the dairy mixed with the oatmeal in my system made me take another big deuce when I got to SF. So all and all, I'm happy with what I ate today, I am so juiced for tomorrow and the next days after that because even though I've been backsliding on my diet a little, I still have so much more to look forward to and in turn, thats going to make me drink more water, eat more salads with protein, and enjoy fresh fruit in the long run!

Also, I noticed I lost a blog reader because of my recent diet blogs, thats cool.

I know I usually blog about stupid frivilous shit but for the remaining 85 days of my diet, I'm going to be blogging about what will be going in and out of my mouth, and for once it won't be cock.

Thats the whole reason why I'm dieting in the first place, so some guy will want to put his cock in my mouth in the first place.

So, if anyone can't deal with that, too bad.

See you guys in 30/40 lbs-ish.


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