Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Food Anonymous Diet Day 6

I have to work a double so my eating is going to be short today.

- small cup of McDonald's parfait with strawberries & blueberries
- small cup of black beans & pico de gallo from work
- medium Cobbs salad from 711 which I only ate half.
- medium Chipotle Grill salad with barboacoa & steak, fajita onions, beans, pico
- Mcdonalds Sundae with caramel and chocolate
- small Cold Stone Creamery sundae with pinapple, caramel, cake,
- 4 english muffins grilled in oil with peanut & jelly

Obviously I shouldn't of had the English muffins and the ice cream, but the ice cream did make go poop really good.

Hopefully I'll have enough energy to run around the lake tonight after my double shift!

Happy Dieting!


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