Thursday, March 8, 2012

Food Anonymous Diet Day 8

Todays weigh in: 273

Which means I lost 2 lbs from last week, I was super stoked when I got off the scale. I know I could have lost more but I was unsure if this diet was going to work, so I was like, I'm going to take small little breaks here and there.

Did I mention that I didn't eat any kind've cheeseburgers from a fastfood chain, thats kind of big for me considering Mickey Dee's and Jack in the Box are like my 2nd homes when it comes to eating.

And whats more amazing is how I was able to lose the weight with only running the lake once this week.

This whole past week I drank nothing but water, I only slipped with drinking flavored Vitamin water and the small Horchata fresca I had lastnight.

And considering all the ice cream, flour and sugarary foods I snuck in on the side, I'm really happy with the 2 lbs I got away with.

I was so juiced, my day started off great, heres what I ate so far!

- 1 packet of Cinnemon Apple Oatmeal
- small salad from Lee's Deli, romaine hearts, lettuce, spinich leaves, half eggs slice, croutons, and blu cheese dressing.
- flavored SOBE Water *O Calorie*
- small ice cream from Cold Stone Creamery *pinapple, caramel, cherries, yellow cake*
- small Greek salad from Extreme Pizza with Ranch Dressing
- assorted nuts with Chile Flavor
- Chicago Dog with all the trimmings
- leftover baked beans/potato salad from Orginal Joe's dinner

My goal for this week is to lose 5 lbs., eat less junk food in my diet and get my 3 physical activities in!

Happy Dieting!

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