Monday, March 5, 2012

For Dennis

This is an open letter to the Improv Comedy Club and to all the comedians who entered the comedy contest after the winners were announced, when you read this, you'll get an idea of what minority comedians have to go threw in comedy clubs all across america.


First, congrats to the finalist.

Secondly, I didn't enter this contest because legit comedy contest don't ask for a processing fee to enter their competitions.

Lastly, when I looked up the finalist, they were all white. That's great and all but its hard for me to believe that with all the talent out there Budd and his friend couldn't find one quality minority comedian.

I've been doing stand up comedy for 9 years and its never become more clear to me until now how jaded this industry is.

And I have absolutely no problem letting my feelings be known in fear of retaliation from any comedy club.

I made my own comedy career without the help of any club and wish continued success to all comedians regardless of their backgrounds!

Keep doing what you do because you'll make it on your own aspirations!


Charlie Ballard

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