Friday, April 6, 2012

Food Anonymous Diet Day 37

Today started off good, I feel my waistline shrinking. Its weird that when your dieting successfully and you can feel those subtle little changes happening all around your body, it feels great.

This morning when I looked at myself naked in the morning, I actually loved the curviness to my bod, I thought it was very feminine, which I love.

Heres what I ate so far:

- chicken sandwich from Starbucks
- 2 pie cookies
- salt caramel chocolate
- rice/beans/salsa from work
- chicken broth
- fruit punch *large and small*
- onion rings from Carls Jr.
- a couple of fried zuccini from Carls Jr.
- half of a jumbo hotdog with chili, cheese, onions, pico from 711

I'm trying to lose atleast 3 lbs this week, so I have to tell myself not to binge this week!

Happy Dieting!


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