Sunday, April 22, 2012

Food Anonymous Diet Day 53

Its Sunday and I completely feel off my diet lastnight. I finally gave in to pizza and coca cola! I should feel bad about it but I don't. I still feel like I'm in control. My plan yesterday was to go running but I was online the whole day doing marketing promotion for my upcoming show in Florida. I was serisouly going to run today but then my work called me in. I know, its sounds like I'm making excuses but I need to make that green.

- pizza slice left over
- rice/beans/pico from work
- mcdouble
- small ff's
- mcchicken
- large sweet tea
- small coke

If I get called into work tomorrow, I'm going in to make money and put my running on hold. I still have my last 30 day workout blow up coming so I'm not worried. My goal now is just to 10 lbs and get down to 260! I can do this!

Happy Dieting!


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