Monday, April 9, 2012

Hella Gay Comedy Show All Stars 4/8/12

Wow, we had an amazing night of comedy & magic for our first opening of the, "Hella Gay Comedy Show" , in San Francisco, California.

We kicked off our first show packed with a great crowd, heres who was on tonights bill:

Johnny Kearns - a very talented young magician who dazzled everyone with his juggling and keen wit.

Raj Dhar - my favorite metrosexual from the Mission, I luvs Raj, hes such a sweetie!

Jessica Sele - the new powerhouse Lesbian comedian of the Bay Area, expect bigs things from her in the future!

Andrew Holmgren - our resident noted Hipster comedian whose always a pleasure to have on the show.

Danny Dechi - the host of Rockit Room who provided us with a amateur stripper sketch, that was fun! Thanks Danny for making our first show legendary, people are going to remember that strip dance for a long time!

Kristee Ono - the Daria of stand up comedy.

Justin Lucas - a young Queer Filipino phenom comedian who got some serious vocal range.

Fred Anderson - our veteran comedian/magician who juggles dildos like no other!

What I loved about our show, it was really mixed!

You could tell our show was mixed by who was in the line up and who was in the audience, it wasn't too gay and it wasn't too straight, it was just right. The audience was comprised of friendly supportive people who came out to have a good time. This is every show producers dream, to have a cross over audience that represents everyone because this show was everyone, truly it was!

Thanks to everyone who came to the first show in SF, we'll see everyone again on May 13th for the Mother's Day Comedy Show Extravaganza!


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