Monday, June 11, 2012

Beef Cake Comedy Show - June 10th, 2012.

Whew, we just knocked out our 3rd Hella Gay Comedy Show of the year the, "Beef Cake Comedy Show" , and it was a doozy!

For this show we invited our favorite straight guys to tell jokes with their shirts off and boy did they!

Heres a run down of how it went down!

Leslie Small kicked it off as our hostess with the mostess, Leslie is a firecracker and we really enjoyed having her host the show!

Our first hot stud comedian out of the gate was Rolf Skar! (pictured above) I encouraged the guys to dress up in a hunky theme, since Rolf has a Nordic background he came dressed as a Viking, hawt.

Next up was SF's famed Bisexual comedian Isaac Sherbin. Isaac is always fun to have on the show and he was perfect eye candy for the boys and the girls.

Roman Leo took the stage and was very funny, the SF Comedy Community is going to miss him when he relocates to Chicago, Illonois.

In every show I've ever been in, theres always been one performer whose able to shine above the rest and for this show it was Matt Gubser who came dressed at Poseidon. Matt was smart, bold, and completely unexpected!

Our cutie patutie of the evening went to Sam Weber, he came dressed as a lifeguard and was a joy to have on the show.

Taking the stage next was Mr. Personality himself, Nick Padilla. Nick could sell a car to a blind person, hes that charming.

Returning from our first All Star in April was Danny Dechi, this time around Danny returned to our stage semi-nude to tell some jokes, good job Danny!

Sporting a leather bike jacket with lots of sexy man fur was Rajeev Dhar. He had the entire audience in a trance with his big beautiful brown eyes.

My favorite costume of the evening came from Anthony Medina, he rocked the cholo look from his Mexican heritage, muy caliente!

Finishing out the evening was musical comedy group, "Saw Dem Eyez" , which consist of Nick Palm, Cory Largent, and Sam Lowther. These guys were super hot and gave the ladies exactly what they came for, cute butts and fun fun fun energy!

Special thanks to Valerie Branch aka Pia Messing for helping with the door!


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