Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Moving forward but where?

I've been feeling old and haggarty lately, not so much in my personal life but in my show business life.

I recently gave another comedian some advice, he's doing his first tv taping and I was like, "you have to really want it to be the best and that's how you"ll outshine everybody" .

That's cool but where does that leave me? When I got my 2nd chance to be on tv, I knew it was going to happen, I just didn't know where, when, or how.

I haven't had that feeling in a while so I'm starting to wonder if it's going to happen again. When I first started comedy I had all these goals, I wanted my own half hour special, I wanted to be on the, "Tonight Show" , and so many other things. At the time I just wanted so much for my fuckin self and boom, that's when shit started happening.

Just the other night a friend said, "omg, I thought I was older then you" , thats always good to hear because it makes me feel like I still got some years left in show business.

Just so we're clear, this blog is about getting opportunities and chances to move my career forward.

This past weekend I did a show for the BAAITS group and ended up giving a ride to some people who I met at the show. As we were approaching the Castro, parking was looking pretty tight because it was pride weekend. So, the lesbian who was riding in shot gun said, "let's just ask the Universe for a parking spot" , and boom, there it was, a good parking spot seemingly appeared to us out of nowhere.

I'm not stupid, so then I was like, " okay girlfriend, you seem like you're pretty good at asking the Universe for shit, can you do me a fav and ask the heavens to send me a hot, 230lb, blonde, big dick adonis for SF Pride" , and then I rubbed her arm for more mojo. And you know what, I did end up meeting some nice guys over the weekend so I guess all it takes is to ask, believe, and receive.

So here it goes, Dear Universe, I still want it.

And hopefully the heavens take email.


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