Friday, June 15, 2012

Random Blogging

Hey all you Charlie Ballard blog readers, its been a while since I left a personal blog so here it goes, lets start with the updates.

1) I'm still fat. ----> :(

After 90 days of, "dieting" , I didn't lose shit. The reason why I put dieting in quotation marks is because somewhere on the 15th day I gave up and seeing as how I'm a person who starts what they finish, I decided to blog daily no matter how I was feeling. I suppose I gave up because I'm lazy, not motivated, and love love love the taste of junk food. I didn't blow up too bad but I'm not in a good place. I know I can do it, I'm just not applying myself. But dig this, starting July 1st, I'm going to do it over and this time not blog about it, I think thats where I went wrong. So next week, hopefully I'll do a better job of mustering up my confidence and see it thru this time. This is like my 7th weight loss challenge, fuck.

2) Gay Days in Orlando!

For those of you guys who've been following me on facebook lately, I took a trip to Florida for Gay Days with my bestie, Wesley. We had such a blast. If some of you guys aren't familar with what Gay Days is about, bascially this event is when a bunch of fags come into Orlando get crunk, to drink, do drugs and have lots of gay sex with each other at host hotel gay circut parites, at least thats what they were doing while we there. We on the other hand just ate and ate some more. We were out there exactly one week and it was fantastic. If you're an LGBT, this is one of those things that you must do in your lifetime. Gay Days draws 150,000 people from all over the world. And trust me when I say it was Gay Gay Gay !!! The passing gay conversation on the elevators was worth the trip alone. Really, there were Gays everywhere. My only negative about this event was that the lesbian and trans groups were severly under-represented, it would have been nice to see more of them frolicing about but oh well. Going to a big Gay circut party, there are some things that you would come to expect and Gay Days didn't disappoint, such as Gay guys crusing each other in the wee hours of the morning on hotel property, gorgeous gay men running around in thongs and ass-less briefs, fabulous entertainment at the gay nightclubs such as Chaka Khan, Sonique, & Maya, and especially getting the chance to meet many many fabulous super friendly locals from the area such as Comedian Jeff Jones, the Orlando Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence, and many many more people who made us feel really welcome, thank you so much Gay Orlando, it was fun!

3) Homebound

We got home the following Monday and the party didn't stop. We were out basically everynight from the get. When we arrived home, sitting in the living room waiting for us was new furniture. Before I went to Florida, me and my ma went to a furniture store in West Oakland and picked out some nice pieces. Our living room actually looks like a real living room now and it was a nice feeling being able to accommodate visiting friends again. Me & Wes did a lot that week, we ate at the House of Nanking, went clubbing, hung out with some of my comedy friends, and twirled some more here and there. My favorite moment from Wesley's stay was his lastnight here, we went to the club and she got fucked up on her usual Vodka & cranberry drinks, so when we were coming home, we stopped at the Walgreens in the Castro to pick up snacks, so what does Miss girl do, she goes over to the Hallmark Greeting Card section and picks out a, "Thank You" , card for my mom, so the next morning I handed the card for Wesley to sign and I was all, "are you going to sign this" , and Wesley looks at me like, "sign what" ? When I told my mom that Wesley picked out a Thank You card for her and then forgot the next morning because she was out of it, my mom just laughed out loud, too cute.

Okay guys, that should be good for now, thanks for stopping by!


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