Thursday, June 21, 2012

San Francisco Gay Pride Comedy Show 2012 Recap

Hey guys, we just finished our SF Gay Pride Comedy Show 2012 at the Deco Lounge in San Francisco this evening and I am so thankful to our amazing comedians for putting on a great show and amazing audience members for coming out to support us!

Tonight I hosted the show and it went pretty cool. My only bump was when I tried to incorporate music into my act and had technical difficulty from the sound box, this minor fiasco actually turned into a running bit inbetween acts until we were able to get the music going, classic.

Our lead off comic for the night is the always amazing Kat Evasco, she deinitely set the pace for the evening.

Up next was the adorable Jenn Dronksy. Jenn is really good sneaking up on the crowd because shes so unexpected!

Tonights crowd eye candy was TJ Kelsall, his quick witt and keen observations were fun to have on the show!

Our special guest comedian tonight was Rick Fletcher, who is the worlds only redneck queer comedian, our audience just loved him.

Bringing the heat tonight is Bay Area favorite Karen Ripley! Karen could do no wrong tonight, she had the our audience hooting for more!

Karen Ripley can be a tough comic to follow when she gets hot but Loren Kraut held her own following Karen. Loren is SF's resident OCD comedian and she had the crowd in the palm of her hand.

Taking the stage next was one of SF's Most Famous personalities - Valeska Ville. You can usually find Valeska in Dolores Park singing her song parodies with a pack of smokes in one hand and a bottle of Jim Beam in the other. For tonights show I asked Valeska be sober and that wasn't a good idea, as it turns out, Valeska works her best whens shes flipping around the microphone drumming to her own beat.

I started my comedy career in San Francisco with, "QComedy" , and I will forever be grateful to Nick Leonard and all the stage opportunites he provided me with early on, thanks for being on the show Nick!

Hammering the stage next was Jessica Sele, Jessica is a breath of fresh air to have on any show!

Closing out the was Dolores Trevino. Dolores is one of our veteran LGBT pioneer comedians from the Valencia Rose and Josies Cabaret, thanks Dolores, you were great!

See you guys next time!


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