Sunday, July 15, 2012

Australian Comedian Jim Jefferies

Hey guys, I just got back from the Jim Jefferies comedy taping at the Yerba Buena Center for the Arts in San Francisco, California., and boy was it a doozy.

For those of you who don't know Australian Comedian Jim Jefferies, his comedy is as irreverent and brassy as they come.

There really aren't that many, "no taboo" , working comedians around, mainly because there humor isn't popular with the mainstream audiences, the audiences that do come out and support these comedians usually have a high level of sarcasm/satire to see the humor in serious topics such as blasphemy, women having miscarriages, date rape, and other undesired topics.

There were definitely a few moments in his routine that were so dark where I had to wonder if Jim was the devil incarnate performing stand up comedy, but then I thought, nah, the devil would have made sure his shows sold out.

When I bought my tickets on they gave me some pretty lousy tickets, I was all the way up in the balcony. Fuck that, I immediately asked the audience manager if I could move down if there were seats available and guess what, there were.

This is a trick that video productions do when there shows need crowd filler, they will pull people from the back of the audience and put them in the front to make the theater look fuller.

I've seen this problem with out cringey comedians, they're only able to fill a theater so much, like I said, the cringey crowd is a specific market, all the mainstream comedians get the biggest crowds in the biggest theaters.

That should go without saying for 50 minutes Jim woo'd the crowd with spectacular stories, whether they were true or not, it was fun to listen to.

I personally thought Jim's best bit from tonight came when he was imitating mans closed minded perception of GOD by ridiculing him as a huge homophobe and basically calling GOD shallow because of his love for praise songs, hilarious.

What seperates Jim from other comedians is how he incorporates his atheist views into his comedy, not an easy thing to do considering a huge percentage of this planets population is deeply rooted in some form of religion.

If you're willing to challenge societies norms, definitely go see one of Jim's shows and try to see his point of view from the shoes of a non-believer.

Below is a video a Jim getting punched in the face because of his strong atheist views.

I think its funny Jim should be getting punched for doing jokes about GOD's non-existence and when Jesus was alive, people were punching him because he was the son of GOD.

I'm pretty sure thats where this expression came from, "damned if you do and damned if you don't" .

Look for Jim Jefferies new stand up comedy special airing on EPIX.



  1. Wasn't at the show, but I love Jim and it seems like a good write up with from what I expect of him. I will take one issue (and keep in mind I wasnt at tonight's show, so once I see it this could change). But Jim's religious jokes, while funny, are not the least bit enlightening. Bill Maher for example, is far superior to with regards to religion than Jim is, because Maher is highly educated in those matters, where as Jim really isn't, so it usually just more making fun of the subject. Both are hilarious, but to say Jim's atheist views in his comedy separate him from other comedians, then you are basically discounting Carlin and Maher, as the obvious, who are 2 of the most successful comedians ever, and both talked about religion and atheism non stop in their comedy.

  2. This had NOTHING TO DO WITH RELIGION!!!If you go to YouTube,it's explained that he was insulting Irish something or other,the guy that hit him took offense.It had nothing to do with God,get your facts right!