Monday, July 9, 2012

Fag Hag Comedy Show Review 7/8/12

Wow you guys, we had another great Hella Gay Comedy Show at the Deco Lounge lastnight! Thank you to all the ladies who performed in the, "Fag Hag Comedy Show" , everyone was tremendous!

Heres a run down on how it went down!

Our lead off comedian for tonight was Shanti Charan. She was so good after the show a audience member came up to me and said she should have gone last, next time.

Taking the stage next was Pam Benjamin. Pam is a great ball of energy and a pleasure to have on the show!

As the producer of a comedy show, I am in charge of strategically placing the comedians in the line up so the show has consistency, with that being said, I usually put my best performers in the beginning and at the end of the show, I decided to put Clare O'Kane early in the show because shes a strong performer and I was right because Clare absolutely floored the audience.

I had this hunch to put Clare and Kate Willett back to back, I was right again because Kate brought the heat too. The crowd was feeling Kate and Kate was feeling the crowd, good job Kate!

What makes our show great is the plethora of characters we manage to get for our show. For this show, we advertised messy, outrageous, dramatical, and thats exactly what the crowd got with Nicole Turley, who at my request came slightly inebriated for the show, good job Nicole!

Our next comedianne is a comic's comic - Astrid, meaning she is well loved by other comedians including me. Shes been performing with us for years and it was nice to see her in a live showcase.

I orginally billed the Hella Gay Comedy Show as a performance space where artist could break boundaries and stretch themselves, tonight we were very lucky to have Farah Haidari grace our stage again with her world class quiefing technique. She and Andrew blew everyone away with their Sonny & Cher's quiefing rendition of, "I Got You Babe" .

Up next is a performer with a bright future in stand up comedy, Rachael Shapiro. I'm looking forward to seeing where she goes in comedy.

I usually put Jenn Dronsky in the beginning of the show because shes a great opening act but after tonight, she definitely earned her stripes as an anchor, go Jenn!

We could not have done the, "Fag Hag Comedy Show" , without San Francisco's #1 Fag Hag - Valerie Branch! Thank you Valerie, she gave our show that little something it needed!

Closing out the show in fabulous form was Glamis Rory. Do you guys know how fabulous Glamis was tonight, when I was taggeg her photo on facebook, facebook tried to tag one of her earrings as another person, you go girl, her earrings were off the hook! The crowd loved her and we could not have ended the show on a better note, so thank you Glamis!

Oh my goodness, thanks again to everyone who came to the show!

See you guys next month for, "Drag Queen Comedy Night" !!!


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