Saturday, July 7, 2012

Magic Mike Movie Review

We finally went to go see, "Magic Mike" , starring Channing Tatum and contrary to the shows title, we didn't get to see any of Mike's magic.

We arrived to a packed movie theater full of women and gay men, not bad for this being the 2nd weekend of its release.

Beforehand, a lot of my lady friends on facbook who saw the movie when it opened and were really disappointed with the storyline, I guess most of them were expecting a plot, really? I think if any person came to watch this movie and expected any kind of depth, they are seriously trippin.

I know Steven Soderbergh directed this movie but even his great directional skill could only carry the movie for so long before it began to flop, and boy did it.

Instead of trying to be taken seriously, the producers should have went for the camp angle especially for a movie about male strippers, I mean hello, "Showgirls" .

So heres a quick rundown of what you need to know about, "Magic Mike" .


Adam Rodriquez has a big fat ass, which probably comes from his Puerto Rican side.

Matthew McConaughey has no ass, which is probably why they didn't show it until the end of the movie, good call.

I had to do a double take when I saw this guy. I was like, "oh fuck, how'd they get Mickey Rourke in this movie" ?

This had to be the funniest scene in the movie when Dallas was showing the Kid how to dance like a stripper, this was awesome.

Everytime Big Dick Mike hit the screen, the ladies in the movie theater were going crazy but unfortunately he lost thunder with his bad dancing.

Saving the best for last, Channing can dance, hes got some crazy stripper bboy moves. I'm giving Channing the, "Best Booty Award" , for the opening scene, hes got a serious nice white booty, firm too.

My last word on this movie, less dialogue and more banana hammocks.


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  1. Good review Charlie. I had a great time with this flick because I loved the style that Soderbergh gave off, the energy that he had with the stripping scenes, and the story that actually took me. Also, the performances weren't too shabby, either.