Friday, July 13, 2012

Margaret Cho - Mother Tour

Good news, I got booked for a college show at the University of Illinois later next month which I'm really excited about.

This show won't happen until the last weekend of August so I still have plenty of time to prep for it.

I was just telling my mom earlier tonight that I have a new television set ready, meaning I have a new polished non-offensive 5 minutes of material thats ready to be aired on National televison. Well, thats not true, its pretty offensive to White people but who cares right, its not like they've never said or done anything brutal to anyone else. In fact, my new mainstream, "Native" , material is actually quite clever, ghastly, and empowering.

I've been working on my new act since last Fall from when I did a show for the Native Student Club at San Francisco State University, thats when I knew it was ready.

When I get back, I'll be out the door again the first week of September to go check out Margaret Cho's new one woman show, "Mother" , at the Mirage Hotel in Las Vegas, Nevada.

I'll probably see her again when she comes back to the Bay Area, but my main reason for going is to how far her show progresses from the beginning of the tour, to when I see it in SF, and then on cable.

I'm always amazed how she puts her shows together so maybe I might learn something new, I don't know? But mostly I'm going because the bitch makes me laugh, not an easy thing to do these days.

Its going to be great seeing Margaret Cho perform live but the real fun will be getting to hang out with Wesley and crew that weekend.

OMG, lets just say I'm already losing weight to gain weight for that weekend because we're going to be some eatin ass bitches when we get there!


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