Tuesday, August 28, 2012

100,000 Blog Hits

Hey guys, I hit another milestone this week, I reached 100,000 hits on my blogs.

Thats such a huge personal accomplishment for me ever since I started blogging on Myspace back in 2005. I have 100,000 blog hits over a 3 year span of writing with Blogspot, I have more with Myspace but I'm only counting with this website.

I started blogging with Blogspot in 2009, I suppose I was double blogging at the time, copying whatever I wrote on Myspace to here, its a good thing I did because Myspace eventually deleted my account for lack of using it.

I was just saying to Eva Kissoon last night that my comedy career is credited to youtube.com and myspace.com

Its funny because the both of the websites have severely changed the way they run there social media lately. They have changed their websites so much if my, "Being Gay & Native American" , stand up video would have come out today, I totally wouldn't of had the opportunities I was given.

Last week I was looking at my blog stats and it said 55% of my hits come from Adam Levine's, "Half Naked Photo" , and some beefcakes photos of current athletes, USA Gymnast Danell Leyva, UK Gymnast Louis Smith, and several photos from the ESPN Body Issue.

I intentionally listed these semi-naked photos because thats what people like and it was a ploy to draw people to my blog. Trust me, if posting pics of cats gave me the same numbers, you guys would be seeing kitty's everywhere on this blog too.

But if you guys are avid readers of my blog, then you guys would know those naked pics entries are pretty random. Mainly my blogs are about life, my comedy career, funny stuff, and the sheer randomness that happens everyday around me.

Thanks to everyone and their nice comments over the years, when I write I try to be entertaining, informative, and outlandish as possible, so thanks everyone for supporting my platform.

For 2013 and beyond, I'll be blogging more because I won't be on Facebook. Facebook just takes too much of my time. Anyhoo, just giving everyone the heads up, so everyone get your, "Charlie Ballard fill" , on facebook while its still good.

Thanks for reading guys!


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