Wednesday, August 8, 2012


On somedays I like to consider myself a professional writer and wants to be published in a reputable news source.

One of my dreams to is a blogger for the Huffington Post - Gay Voices. You guys would think I would be a shoe in but thats not the case. The Huffington Post is very selective about who they let blog for them, as they should because their writers are a direct reflection of their brand.

I really do want that recognition of a being a reputable blogger but fuck me for wanting a 3rd party to legitimize my voice.

Last year during the Occupy protests, I was in downtown Oakland doing Vlogs for my facebook friends. I was right in the thick of things and that night, all the protestors were being rustled up and we were all wondering if were going to get gassed or not. The barrage of police helicopters filled the night sky with red and blue lights. So there I was recording myself, talking about my feelings, and trying to vocalize those exact moments around me.

Right as I was doing that, there was a news camera crew directly in back of me. Apparently my voice was projecting so loud the journalist couldn't hear himself thru my loud sassy sonic blasts. I just remember him looking back at him like, "look bitch, we both know my news crew takes precedence, so shut the fuck up" .

And did I shut the fuck up, no.

To me, this journalist can be summed up in one word, audacity.

Are you serious, this mother fucker was really more worried about my faggy voice messing up his segment and not about the fuckin tear gas that we were about to be bombarded with by the riot police.

To him and other people like this, go fuck yourself.

Just because you have access to a large market doesn't mean your shit is more important then anyone elses, which is why I continue to blog for myself, I may not have the substantial followings that other blogs have but I do have a platform because I gave myself one.

Take it or leave it.


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