Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Kristen Stewart - Troll Huntsman

Hey guys, in recent news Kristen Stewart, the lead actress of the Twilight movie franchise was caught cheating on her boyfriend/Twilight Co-Star Robert Patterson with the director of SnowWhite & the Huntsmen - Rupert Sanders.

Okay, lets get thru the obvious first, really Kristen? You're going to cheat on Robert Patterson with your director and not with your other hot co-star from Snow White - Chris Hemsworth?

I'm totally serious, the director she was screwing around with was not only married and had kids, but he was also way older then her.

If Kristen is going for the older type that leads me to believe that Robert Patterson wasn't, "doing it" , for her.

I was just reading in the news that Kristen got dropped from the SnowWhite sequels most likey because of her romance scandal with Rupert.

Its no big deal really, I can think of a couple of other celebrities that got caught in compromising positions and who are having thriving careers in Hollywood.

Who can forget the sex tape actor Rob Lowe did with a minor and still did pretty well for himself.

And who can forget Robert Downey Jr. getting busted for buying drugs in Culver City a while back. If anyone thinks he his career was hurt, I have two words for you guys, "Iron Man" .

And we all know how this bitch got her start in Tinsel Town, by sucking Big Black Cock and having it taped, now shes fucking everywhere. Personally speaking, if being a celebrity was meant by how many blow jobs you give, theoretically I should be a bigger star than this ho.

Alright Kristen, since you're into older men, theres plenty of them to go around, just know when you open the door to date older men, they start coming out of the wood work which I guess is because they all know each other.

Coincidentally when this scandal broke, Gandolf asked Kristen for her #.

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