Monday, August 20, 2012

Twist & Turns

I've been reading some other blogs lately and I enjoy the variety of formats I see out there such as bloggers who use their interface as a chronological account of their daily lives, some who express their political views while others post randomness.

For this blog, I want to talk about life's little twist & turns.

I know many of you know me for being a comedian and thats why you've been following my blogs, status updates on facebook, or tweets on twitter. Thats great and I appreciate all the support I've been given over the years.

But speaking personally, there were other things I aspired to be in life other then comedy. When I reflect back on my life, I think why couldn't I have been a scientist?

Heres why.

First, when I was in the 10th grade I burned my bridge with my Biology teacher over my tardiness. Seriously, this is what happened. At the time, I lived in the flatlands of Oakland and we had to wake up early to catch the bus to our high school located in the hills. So, as I was getting settled into my classes, on a fateful day my bus happened to break down on the way to school which happened to make me late. When I got to Biology class, my teacher gave me a study hall slip because I was late. I refused to take it because my tardiness wasn't my fault. I clearly stated to her and the school counselors that it was the bus's fault for breaking down and that I should not be penalized for a incident that was out of my control. This science teacher didn't care, what mattered to her was that I was late. Not in my mind, I refused to take her study hall slip and guess what she did, she transferred me to another Biology class because thats what asshole teachers do when they don't know to deal with, "disruptive" , students. And to be honest, I didn't consider myself disruptive. I only stood up for myself and believed in what was right. If I had came into class because I felt like being late, then yes, I would have taken the study hall slip but I wasn't.

So from that moment that when I was turned off from Science. This asshole teacher made me dislike Science because of my dealings with her.

I saw this Biology teacher again later on in the year, we were both walking the lake in opposite direction. I knew she remembered me when I passed her because of the snotty look she gave me and I hope I rolled my eyes but I can't honestly remember if I did or not because that was almost 22 years ago.

On somedays I like to believe I'm smart but I just don't know. I know as human beings, some of us are limited in what we do, so its just a matter of accepting our limitations and doing the best we can do.

But damn if my moods, feelings, and emotions have gotten in the way of me having a really cool profession.

This is what I hate.

Everytime I get a psychic reading these fuckers always tell me that I would be great designer, a great florest, a hairdressor, a fashionista, or something in the right brain of the creative arts.


I'm not knocking any of those professions but for once it would have been nice if these soothsayers would have foresaw a more challenging profession.

A couple of psychics once said, "I see you having great joy painting houses or driving vehicles long distance" .

To me, this says I'm fucking stupid and all thats all I could be responsible in life for, which wasn't very encouraging if you ask me.

I do enjoy being a comedian because jokes are like puzzles which make my mind think.

Even though I regret not being to understand the most complicated mathematical equations, I do love the limitless comprehension that comedy has given me. I don't claim to know everything but I'm not stupid enough to keep my world view singular.

Heres to finding to wisdom and making people laugh.


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