Monday, August 27, 2012

Underwear Comedy Night Recap

Oh my gosh, what a doozy!

"Underwear Comedy Night" , was a complete success and it was standing room only. I couldn't believe we managed to squeeze 70 plus people inside the Deco Lounge tonight.

I am extremely thankful for all the comedians who performed, I could not do these shows without you guys.

Here a quick run down of what they wore, you can tell a lot about a person by the underwear they sport.

Our host for the evening is the ever charming Casey Ley who was looking hot in his 2xist longjohns. I did not know 2xist made longjohns, Casey could easily be a model for them.

Our lead comedian for the evening was Kate Willett, who rocked the stage with a really cute t-shirt and boxer ensemble.

As the producer of the Hella Gay Comedy Show series, its my job to be unbiased and fair when I evaluate the performing comedians for my blog but damn if Nick Palm was looking all that plus a bag of chips in his boxers.

Next up was Jenn Dronsky, who brought a touch of class with her silk charmeuse nighty. The microphone cut out on her because there were some people in the sound booth who shouldn't have been there but she recovered very well, good job Jen!

Coming all the way from Fresno, California., to join in our silliness was William Lushbough. William wore jerzee boxers, which were very cute.

Taking the stage next was Pam Benjamin who wore a bra and some kick ass red panies. Of the performers, Pam's outfit was the most daring, go Pam!

OMG, OJ Patterson raised the roof tonight. He wore these ironic hipster glasses, a blazer, plain white briefs, and a Boyz 2 Men, "Hat 2 Da Back" , East coast swing tennis cap. The crowd was feeling OJ tonight, OJ definitely brought the energy and a lot of conviction to the show!

We had a lot of women in the audience tonight and Ryan Papazian had all of their eyeballs popping out of their eyeball sockets. Ryan wore his boxers and showed off his ripped body, drool.

Nick Sondhi gave a very conservative interpretation of his underwear costume, he was fully clothed except for the boxers he wore below. I thought he was very workman like.

Closing out the show in his fun colorful boxers was David Studebaker. I told David that when he takes the stage hes going to have to own it because when the Amateur stripper crowd shows up, they get rowdy and loud. Not only did David own the stage but he also had them hooting and hollering. I've never seen a crowd heckle a comedian so playfully. I heard one of them say, "Get it" and David responded back, "oh yeah, I got it" , which was met by a thunderous applause break.

Thanks everybody, great show!



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