Monday, September 10, 2012

Cerebral Comedy Night Recap

A big thanks to all the comedians who performed in Cerebral Comedy Show last night, heres a quick run down of how it went down.

Tammy Powers did a great job hosting our evenings festivities, not bad for her first time hosting.

Duat Mai is one of a kind, his zaniness makes me hot.

Zorba Hughes brought his ferocity and the crowd was loving him for that.

Rebecca Arthur was brilliant as always with her dead pan humor.

Samson Koletkar was the audience favorite of the evening, they demanded more stage time from him and got their wish.

Matt Gubser was a joy to have on the show along with his undying witt.

Leslie Small did a great job bringing the energy, one word describes Leslie's comedy - firecracker.

William Head got the crowd reving with his brilliant rants.

And last but not least, our wonderful headliner Aundre The Wonder Woman subdued the entire building with her magnificent opening song. The Deco Lounge regulars usually get pretty rowdy at the end because the Amateur strip show starts immediately after our show but when they all heard her voice, they all shut their pie holes.

Thanks everyone!


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