Saturday, September 29, 2012

Credit Card Fraud

One of my banks just called me today to confirm some suspicious activity on my account, apparently I've been buying kati rolls somewhere in India.

So this afternoon I ended up cancelling that card.  I have no idea how these theives got a hold of my card # but I'm sure they could probably do it again, so fuck it, I just ended up cancelling it.

And besides, I only kept that card to try to accumulate points for a free flight with Southwest Airlines, which I did.

And whats strange, I got this freak phone call from a mysterious phone # right after I cancelled my card, its like whoever was using my card was calling to confirm to my card was cancelled.

I'll back track and say its my fault for giving away my email online to these junk websites because thats really the only way these guys could have caught me.

It looks like I'll be having to change my home # and personal email because its all associated with my home address, which isn't too hard to find if you type in my name online.

I really hate to change both because I've had them for so long but oh well, always got to stay one step a head right?



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