Friday, September 28, 2012

Margaret Cho can you hear me ??

just kidding, I don't care if Margaret can hear me, I just needed a catchy title for this blog.

As most of you who've been following my blogs, I've been unemployed since June.  Yup, I got fired from my waiting job of 8 years, over what? For giving a solicited opinion on a new kiosk that the stores no longer carry, ain't that some shit.  When I apply for future jobs and go into interviews, I'm going to tell all of them I was wrongfully terminated because the management who fired me couldn't give a specific reason for firing me, which is why the state of California awarded me unemployment.  I'm tired of being of on unemployment and I'm ready to go back to work, so now the search begins.

This past week I've been looking very hard for a new job and nothing. I'm beginning to think all my new job prospectors are checking out my blogs and are saying, "fuck this bitch" , which is fine because if I'm not free to express myself on my blogs, then where am I to? These are some of the jobs I've been applying for.

1) Huffington Post *Gay Voices*
I've been wanting to blog for these guys for a while but I'm beginning to think my writing is too progressive for them. I sent them my ideas and I haven't heard anything. I think they're they not interested in me because I represent a very small demographic in the American population, which is the American Indian population. We literally are the 1% of the 99%.

2) Craigslist 
Now this one I want because their office is right in downtown San Francisco. I probably won't get this job because I pitched them this line in my cover letter, "I love using your website to find jobs, post events, and look for the casual encounter" . TMI?

3) TMZ 
Harvey, the owner of TMZ was recently advertising on Twitter for people to skype in for their TMZ tv show on current issues, so ... I skype in on the topic of Kate Middleton, you know, where an European magazine is going to publish photos of her topless, so I said, "she should know better then to take her top off in priviate or in publice because they know they're always going to be in the public eye" . And then to show the TMZ crew and their audience it really isn't a big deal showing your boobs, I proceeded to lift my shirt and flash my man boobies to the Skype audiences.

So, as you guys can see, I've been striking out to my own detriment. I hope this doesn't keep up, I need a jobby job soon. xoxo

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  1. Sorry Charlie!!hahaha!!! I know y
    ou will find something soon. Stay away from the docks!!!! I heard they need a bouncer at TREMORS on gay night, you might want to look into that. We had some fabulous times there.