Thursday, September 13, 2012


These past couple of weeks I've been on a short fuse and I've been letting a lot of various issues get to me that I wouldn't normally let get to me.

I have much to be happy and thankful for so this blog is a reminder to myself not to trip over the small stuff.

Do you guys know what I think it is, I think its because I haven't drank soda since the 1st of the month and I think I'm still withdrawing from all the caffeine in my system.

Its a good thing I don't drink coffee because I know everybody would hate to be around me if I didn't have it in the morning.

What I'm most proud of so far this month is how I've stayed away soda, even on my last trip to Las Vegas I stuck to water, juice, and fruit punch.

Its important for me to get my priorities together because it makes me feel like I'm in charge of my will power again. I know other people who do this, they'll indulge in their vices for a while and then stop just to prove to themselves that they're still in control.

Does this mean I'll be deleting any of my last blogs, hellz no. I still feel that way but today I'm more calm about it.

I've been hitting the comedy open mics this week and started working on my next act. I have a brand new journal and will be performing nothing but new and current material, I mean after all, I have a reputation to keep up, right right. haha

Anyhoo, have a great week everyone, I'm loving the month of September, so far this month has been about getting my shit back in gear and being back on track.


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