Monday, October 15, 2012

Bi Curious Comedy Night Recap

Oh my gosh, we were at standing room only for tonights, "Bi Curious Comedy Night" , at the Deco Lounge in SF.

Thank you to all the comedians and audience members who came out tonight, heres a quick recap of how it went down:

Our host for the evening Rick Fletcher, the worlds only queer redneck comedian.

Up bat first was one of our regulars, Casey Ley,  Casey did a great job of cracking the crowd wide open, we'll never look and eat quiche the same ever again.

Going second and who also host her own radio talk show, "The Mission Position" , on was Kate Willett. Kate is always a joy to have on the show and Kate, I'm really sorry for spelling your last name on the flyer with one t and not tt's.

Coming all the way from Fresno, California was comedian Danny Minch, good job Danny!

Making a special appearance all the way from Richmond District was Russian Hipster comedian Misha, and for those of you who don't know, the Richmond District is the Russian neighborhood where they all walk around in Adidas, sweatpants, and wear big gold chains.

Our resident comedian Jenn Dronsky was in full effect, Jennifer has been consistently awesome on all of our shows and tonight was no different.

Returning for her 3rd stint of Hella Gay Comedy was Tammy Powers, who is becoming a new force within the LGBT comedy scene, Tammy garnered the most applause breaks from tonights show, go Tammy!

Making his Hella Gay debut was Justin Alan who brought a raw sense of honesty to the show with his Bi experiences, great job Justin!

Going on next was another one of regulars, Nick Leonard. Nick always brings the funny and we look forward to having him on the show.

Pulling the anchor spot is another first time Hella Gay performer, Nicole Calasich.  The crowd was definitely feeling her, good job Nicole!

Closing out our Bi Curious Comedy Night was local legend Jimmy Gunn.  Jimmy is a veteran of the SF comedy scene and he literally had the crowd in the palm of his hand, good job Jimmy!


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