Saturday, October 6, 2012

Check in

A couple of weeks ago I did the Two Spirit Digital Workshop, not knowing apart of the workshop was therapy related, which I really wasn't feeling.  My goal for attending that workshop was to learn the technical aspect of editing videos.

With an open heart, I continued on with the workshop because I believed in what they were doing and also kept my, "sharing" , minimal because nobody likes to overshare like I do.

Each day we began, the facilitators started our sessions with a check in, meaning you give a brief description of how you were feeling at the moment.

So this is my check in for right now.

1) When you've lead a long life in boarding schools, its hard not to stay on facebook and flip thru the profiles of our old school friends. I can't believe we're all older now. I can honestly say in the past 20 minutes while flipping thru their photos & status updates, it made me feel happy, sad, regretful, jubilant, jealous, hopeful, and most importantly, fulfilled, yay, we did it guys.

2) stuffed - I ate Taco Bell earlier and the digestion is kicking my ass. Note to self: never mix Taco Bell and Mrs. Fields Cookies ever again.

3) I don't know?  I don't know whats going to happen in the next 20 years. It really felt like the last 20 was all about finding out who I was and perfecting it.  But what now?? All I know is that my life is going to start again in the Spring of 2013. Now, if I can only save $ money and make it happen.  Heres to going after the things what you want in life and making it happen!


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