Thursday, October 18, 2012

Fork in the Road

I can feel the change coming and I'm embracing it, almost reaching for it.

It all starts with an idea and then deciding how to make that idea happen.

Without saying too much, I found a really great job to apply for and I went for it, so we'll see what they say.

I'm pretty sure I'm ideal for this job position so I'm kind of excited about my job prospects.

In other news, my Hella Gay Shows are coming to an end for 2012.  We only have 3 more shows left and its going to be very sad for me when we're done.  When I started these shows last year, I knew I was onto something special and this time around I made a better decision to get my performers photographed this season, which turned out to be a really great idea.  Big thanks to Andrew Moore for being our go to house photographer.

For 2013, I will be taking the my Hella Gay shows in a different direction.  I came up with this killer idea to ______ !!!   I hate to be so secretive but damn if other comedians don't read my blogs and try to still my ideas. I'll be keeping this one to myself until next February, but as always, everyone who reads my blogs will be the first to know.

This evening I went to Cobb's Comedy Club and saw comedian Maria Bamford perform.  I've been watching Maria since I started doing comedy.  When I first started watching comedians, I really didn't care who I saw at the Punchline, I just figured they were all good. So one week I decided to check out this lady named Maria not knowing what to expect and to be honest, when I saw her name on the show flyer, I thought she was going to be Mexican because of her name.  I mean really, how many White ladys do you know named Maria from Minnesota?  I take that back, I do know this Native chick named Maria and she is from Minnesota too, I'm guessing the names of patron saints are popular in Minnesota.

What struck me odd about Maria was her quirkiness, which I could definitely relate to.  It was nice to see her have Cobb's Comedy Club packed out on a Wednesday night.  Cobb's is a 400 seat theater and you have to have a pretty big name to pack that bitch out on a weekday.

Right now I'm listening to Madonna's, "Drowned World Tour" , concert on youtube while I blog.  Thats been my thing lately, instead of playing one song over and over again, I finally decided to look for albums and zone out from there.  I love it, youtube can be so handy sometimes.

Okay folks, have a good one!


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