Thursday, October 18, 2012

How to make authentic Green Chile Stew

I'm so lucky to have Native friends who cook in their traditional styles.

This months recipe comes from Ms. Carlene Aragon who is a member of the Laguna Acoma Pueblo's from Laguna, New Mexico.

The pueblos are famous for the Red and Green Chile Stew.  The only time the general public ever sees their cooking first hand is in the Summer and Fall during their feast months. You guys are very lucky to have this recipe so big props to Car for sharing her wonderful green chile stew recipe, enjoy!

1lb pork
5 potatos washed and peeled cut into cubes
2 cups fresh roasted green chili peeled and blended
teaspoon of garlic salt
teaspoon of onion powder

fry the pork at a medium heat in a pot
brown the meat then add the potatos (they should be washed anc cubed)
add onion powder and garlic salt
let heat for about 5 minutes and stir in between...then add chili and about 8 cups of water
just depending how think you want it or not
boil for about an hour on medium heat.

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