Saturday, October 6, 2012

I'm your # 1 Fan

Well really, the only person whose ever made me flip my lid was Margaret Cho and we all know how that turned out, sorry Margaret.

This blog is dedicated to all the hardcore people who celebrate persons, places, or things.

Heres a list of the celebs who I've met, want to meet and how they made me feel.

Ricki Lake and Rosie O'Donell - TV Show Host
 I met these two in NYC at the Zipper Theater during Margaret Cho's, "Sensuous Woman", tour.  There were pretty cool, I asked for a picture and they were happy to oblige.  The only thing I didn't like was when Rosie was giving me these strange looks, for realz, maybe she was checking out the corn rolls Juicely just put in my hair, I don't know?  Ricki was sweet as ever though.

Sheri Coale - OU Womens Basketball Coach
I've been a fan of Sheri Coale for a long time, I picked up on her while I was at Haskell.  I would go to the KU womens basketball games and watch the Big 12 teams they would play.  What caught my eye about Sheri was her spunk and not to mention her adorable southern Oklahoma accent.  From that time on, I watched her rebuild the OU program and take her team deep in the NCAA tourney's.  I use to read her blogs and would quote some of her passages into my own, she's a good blogger, she is a English major after all.

Sarah Silverman - Comedian
I use to watch Sarah on SNL and copy her cheerleader sketch where she would spazz out.  Sarah is alright, I'm not really that big of a fan, I don't really really watch her stand up comedy specials and I've never been to any of her shows but when I did meet her last year at the Comedy Store, I have to admit, I was a little star struck.  But somehow I managed to pull myself together and get thru the cordials of a nice comic conversation.  There were other celeb comedians hanging out at the Comedy Store as their always are but like I said, this blog is about the people who float my boat or at least paddle it.

GOD - Savior/Creator/Beginning/Middle/End
Now, I have never met GOD in person, at least I don't think so and if we did, I hope it was under the best of circumstances.  But yeah, for me GOD is a feeling made of hope, joy, and lots of other good stuff that makes me smile, so yeah, I like to think we've met from time to time.

"Excuse My Beauty" - A.K.A Steven
The fierce Native Trannie who ridiculed, mocked, and sassed her way with an Albuquerque police officer, which was filmed for the now defunct reality tv show, "Cops" .  I absolutely love her spirit because she didn't back down.  In the end she was arrested but what I love about her is that she didn't go out like a punk.

Mystery Native Hawaiian Dancer
In 2007, we visited the Hawaiian islands and on our downtime we visited some of the local shop and malls.  If no one has ever been to Hawaii, you can't walk thru downtown without tripping over a dance performance.  We were in the mall and I saw this dance troupe and couldn't help but notice this fine ass Hawaiin dancer, he was picture perfect.  While he was dancing, I rushed straight to front of the crowd to take his pic and what I'll remember most about that, as I looked thru the view finder, he wasn't smiling, he was giving me his professional and serious pose.  I don't think so.  So after I was done looking at him with the view finder waiting for him to smile, I looked him directly into his eyes and thats when he began gleaming. I sure do know how to bring out the best in people.

Benjamin Bratt - Actor
I met Benjamin in 1992 during a community event at Mills College in Oakland, California.  I went into the washroom and I walked in on him beautifying himself in front of the mirror, yes, he's always been a pretty boy.  Who knew he was going to go on and date Julia Roberts?


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