Thursday, October 25, 2012

My Origins of comedy

They say comedy comes from pain which is probably why I understand it so well. I keep asking myself how I'm able to make people laugh. What is it about comedy that I'm able to invoke that laughter feeling into strangers?

I keep asking myself how I'm able to do it and I finally figured it out, its because I'm severely and emotionally damaged. I'm so crippled mentally that humor has become my only escape back into sanity.  I see a lot of new comedians struggle with comedy, a lot of them can't tell a joke to save their lives and now I know why.

To be a good comedian, you have to be so far removed from yourself thats the only way you're going to see the truth.

For some reason, this photo of Goldie Hawn's character from, "Death Becomes Her" , resonates with me very deep. I totally understand what it feels like to be tortured, helpless, and not winning
There are many days when I want to reach into the cupboard and eat cake frosting whole.  It takes a brave person to break the binds of depression and it can be done, you just have to believe in yourself and start taking charge of your life.


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