Friday, October 12, 2012

No Love

I just left my usual, "casual encounter" , postings on Craigslist and I got no love tonight. : (

I don't normally hook up with anybody from Craigslist and I only do it because I'm bored but I'm always curious to see what kind of tricks I can pull.

The guys who cruise Craigslist can be pretty harsh, its no wonder glory holes were invented.

I don't know why I use my real ass pictures, probably because I know that most of the gay trolls who cruise Craigslist see my ass, won't bother with me.  I suppose including my real body measurements doesn't help my cause which is usually:

"260lb, brown hair/eyes, smooth skin, 6'4, and ready to get down ..."

But I've always wondered what kind of gay trolls cruise the gay personals?

I really wanted to find out so I completely fabricated a fake Craigslist gay personals ad a while back and it went something like this,

"young 18 yr.old virgin, looking for the right guy to show me the way, 5'8, Caucasian, thin, have been told I look like Justin Beiber ...." 

And oh my gosh, wouldn't you guys believe I got 30 responses within the hour, mostly from older gay trolls.

I was really tempted to email all of them back with my real ass picture and say, "sorry Merv, but you get whats behind door #3 instead ... " but I didn't feel like getting banned from Craigslist, I mean hello, those queens get pretty ferocious on there and will report you. And besides, I still like to use Craigslist from time to time look for jobs and post events.

I suppose I can't expect too much because after all I am 38 years old, over weight, got cellulite in weird places, stretch marks for days, and acute toe nail fungus.

But you know what, I don't really care if a lot of those gay trolls don't want to fuck me because they're doing me a favor, so far I've managed to avoid contracting any STD and more importantly, I'm still tight.


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