Thursday, November 15, 2012

Cobell Settlement Reached !!!

Good news, the Cobell v. Salazar settlement has finally been reached!

The 4 people holding up the settlement had their appeals dismissed by the U.S. Appellant & Supreme Courts.

As of now, we're waiting for the U.S. Attorney Gener
al to approve the final settlement and the Assistant Secretary of American Indian Affairs to approve the disbursement of monies which is scheduled for Dec 25th of this year.

There are two main groups who will get payments, the Historical plaintiffs and Native individuals who hold an IIM account. *Individual Indian Money"

How much will we be getting paid out?  That depends on your tribe and where you're from.  This lawsuit originated in Montana with the Blackfeet Nation and other Montana tribes getting paid out the most followed by the surrounding tribes and states in the region.

For more info:
Call Toll-Free: 1-800-961-6109

They will only give you information about the settlement if you're apart of the class actions lawsuits so be prepared to share your personal information.

Follow the updates as they transpire on their website:

On a more personal note, I'm just sad Louise Cobell isn't alive to see the fruits of her life long work pay off.  If it weren't Louise, the U.S. Government wouldn't have been held responsible for the continued mis-management of Indian land lease monies that should have went to tribal members for the past 200 years.

Thank You Louise for all your hard work !!

And to all tribal members getting a fat paycheck this Christmas, please be responsible with your monies so Louise's hardwork didn't die in vain.  The last thing Louise would have wanted to see is our tribal members waste their money on booze and crash their new cars with the money they just received!


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