Monday, November 26, 2012

Feminista Comedy Night Review

Oh wow, I just got home from another fantastic, "Hella Gay Comedy Show" , at the Rebel bar in San Francisco, California.

Tonights theme was, "Feminista Comedy Night" , featuring the Bay Area's funniest ladies.  To recent, female comedians have been getting a bad rap for not being funny, so tonights show was to prove to all the haters wrong.

All the hardwork of putting this event together paid off because we got a nice review for this show:

"This was the best the ever! It was AMAZING to see such great female comics perform...there was such a wonderful variety. The winner got chosen by the audience. Kudos to Charlie Ballard for continuing to bring us these incredible shows that keep us laughing... and the audiences are getting bigger to"

I got to the Rebel early to set up and it was a good thing too, part of the stage needed to get taken down and all the chairs needed to be folded out.  OMG, I was literally dripping sweat from moving, folding, & stacking chairs for the first 30 minutes.

Big up's to Corie Crispin from and Andrew Moore of Sylvan Productions for all their help tonight.  Together they were shooting pictures and capturing video, I cannot wait to see how the end product from tonights show turns out!

To up the ante, we turned tonights show into a mini comedy competition, I wanted the ladies to give their best and thought a money incentive would do the trick.  For the most part, my shows are not money makers because I give away so many comp's so all I could give was the money from tonights walk ups.

Hosting tonights show was Kollin Holtz - a Minnesota transplant who is ever so charming behind the mic.

First up is one of our Hella Gay favorites - Kate Willett.  What can I say about Kate that I have already not said in another show revue, shes amazing.  After her set, I told Kate that she needs to be working out in L.A., yup, shes that good.

Next up is another Bay Area favorite - Shanti Charan.  Shanti gave her usual strong performance and garnered 2nd place in tonights competition.

Coming back for another go around with Hella Gay is Carrie Avritt, who has credits opening for Loni Love and D.L. Hughly.  Carrie was a breath of fresh air and fun to have on the show.  She asked me before the show if it was okay to push the envelope and I was like, "uh.. yeah" .

Tonights comedy competition winner was Eloisa Bravo and rightfully so, her stage presence is very high energy and she commands the stage from the get. She won 90% of the votes tonight, go Eloisa!

Coming to the stage next is a new comedy promoter - Loren Kraut. Loren co-produces a new comedy variety show called, "Life with Laughter" . Look for it, it sounds like a great show!

Next up is Eloisa's partner in crime - Kimberly Rose Wendt. Eloisa and Kim co-produce a new all womens comedy show in San Francisco called, "Bitch Slap" .  Kim was a pleasure to have on the show!

Another Hella Gay regular hit the stage - Jennifer Dronsky.  Jennifer has been with our shows since last year in Oakland and has turned into a solid performer.  She was just featured in a recent blog for SF WEEKLY summarizing her Lesbian femininity.

Some of our lady comics are competition ready and we could all tell Sandra Risser was ready to throttle the stage by the way she was doing her warm up exercises before her set and she did just that.

The new kid in town is Ali Brown because her material is so unexpected and funny.

Jessica Sele first show with us was the Hella Gay All Star back in April because shes a high caliber comedian.  Other comedians have passed on being on our All Star show for their first outing because the pressure is overwhelming, not Jessica, she embraces the challenge!

Pulling up the rear was Veronica Porras who has opened for Dave Chappelle.  Veronica is a class act and we all look forward to seeing more of her!

Headlining our, "Feminista Comedy Night" , was Colleen Watson, who has opened for Dave Atell and many other noted comics.  Colleen's humor is smart and she fit into our show very nicely, thanks Colleen!

Thank you to you to everyone who came out and supported our ladies tonight!


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