Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Feminista Comedy Show Photos

Hey guys, check out these photos from last nights, "Feminista Comedy Show" , at the Rebel in SF! Pay attention to the lighting in these photos, they're very artsy and give the comedians a lot of depth! Good job to our house photographer - Andrew Moore 

But before we go to the photos at hand, we did a ladies comedy competition at the Feminista Comedy Show because I wanted the ladies to give their best and what better way to do that than to offer a cash incentive.

There can only be one and tonight Eloisa Bravo killed it with 90% of the crowd vote shown here with the audience tally, congrats again Eloisa!

And thank you to all the ladies who performed in the show, everyone was fabulous! 

                                         Eloisa Bravo
                                         Loren Kraut
                                         Jennifer Dronsky              
                                         Sandra Risser
                                         Kate Willett
                                          Kollin Holtz
                                         Eloisa Bravo
                                         Shanti Charan
                                         Veronica Porras
                                         Carrie Avritt
                                         Colleen Watson
                                         Ali Brown

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