Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Hella Gay Comedy Show Swan Song

It is with a grateful heart that our live Hella Gay Comedy Shows will not continue for 2013, at least not in the form of a continuous stand up comedy show series.  We will however be branching our shows to neighboring towns and cities for one offs.

Since April, I've had the fortunate task of producing all of the Hella Gay show themes and booking our fabulous performers.  All of our shows were met with a great response from audiences far and wide because we were onto something special, we had visitors from other states, terrific local support, and the occasional, "where the fuck am I" ?  Our show also boasted the best diverse audiences, mixing together groups of people who wouldn't normally be caught hanging out in the same curb.

The reason why we always got great crowds was because all of our shows and performers were packaged in a unique way.  We competed for comedy audiences in San Francisco and what set us apart from everybody else was the imagination and innovation behind our show themes.

Where else in San Francisco could you see comedians performing in their underwear, a barrage of funny drag performers packed into one great night of hijinks, an amateur strip sketch which left an audience member titillated, a comedy duo singing a Sonny & Cher cover of, "I Got You Babe" , where one of the comedians quiefed along with the song, funny fag hags, a theme night featuring bisexual and metrosexual comedians and so on!

I put these shows together for a couple main reasons, the first is that I wanted to give back to the SF Comedy Community and provide valuable stage time for up and coming performers just as many of the comedians did for me when I started in the Bay Area. 

I can also proudly say I booked all my performers based on their talent, not once did I book a performer because I knew they could, "bring" , people.  My main goal was to create a supportive and inclusive atmosphere where my performers could hone their craft and feel good about themselves, which to me is more valuable than trying to make a fast buck.

As everybody knows, my shows weren't money makers because I gave away a lot of comps, did that lower the production value of my shows, absolutely not.

So with much admiration and respect, its time for me to pass the torch to the next wave of great comedy show promoters in the Bay Area.

And don't miss our last show of the year:

December 7th, 2012.

Hella Gay All Stars - featuring command performance from 2012!

The Stage Werx Theater
446 Valencia 
SF, CA 94103

Show @ 7:30pm
5$ Cover
16 & Over


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