Saturday, November 17, 2012

Hella Gay Comedy Show Year in Review

We're almost done with the Hella Gay Comedy Shows in SF and I've been telling everybody that I will probably take this show into a different direction for 2013 and I'm 99% sure I'm going to be turning it into a podcast series.

Podcasting seems to be the new trend among comedians and I'm really interested in doing one.

It seems natural for me to transition into podcasting from blogging.

So for 2013 I will probably be booking interesting guests, comedians, and some not.

I think the one great thing about my blog is that it doesn't pertain to one genre, its sort of a spaghetti western of my life and how I'm feeling at the moment.

Its nice that people know about my blog so I can never say this enough to everybody, thanks for reading.

Oh good news, this blog is generating 16,000 hits per month now, which breaks down to 500-600 blogs hits per day.  Most of the blog hits I receive are from celebrity pictures posted from the web.  My blog has really come a long way from the 100 hits a day I use to get on

I'm not worried if I lose hits for this blog, if anything, I'm hoping to turn my reader audience into a listening audience.

My comedian friend Casey Ley would say, "you have such a great thing going, why stop now" .  Casey said that about my great Hella Gay Comedy Show series run in Oakland last year.  I suppose he thought I was going to lose momentum if I didn't keep up with what I had stumbled on

And this year, I was able to copy that success with my Hella Gay Comedy Shows series in SF.  I owe most of my success from this year to  That website supported our shows from the get and brought us so many wonderful people to perform in front of.

I also want to personally thank Lina for making our Hella Gay flyers for this year.  Lina is the graphic artist for the Native American Health Center and her flyers for the NAHC are what drew me to her, she really does have a great design aesthetic. Props to Amy Vega and Kainoa Blackeagle for making show flyers for us too!

A special shout out to Ginger Snaps for agreeing to host our shows at the Deco Lounge.

I was supposed to be saving this, "thank you blog" , until I was done with all my Hella Gay shows for this year but seeing as we only have 2 shows left for 2012, I suppose now is good as any time as any.

I could not and I repeat, I could not have done any of these Hella Gay Comedy Shows without the help of my magnificent comedian friends, which are too many to name but here it goes:

Hella Gay All Stars @ 50 Mason Social House - Johnny Kearns, Raj Dhar, Jessica Sele, Andrew Holmgren, Danny Dechi, Kristee Ono, Justin Lucas, Fred Anderson.

Beefcake Comedy Show @ Deco Lounge - Isaac Sherbin, Matt Gubser, Nick Palm, Raj Dhar, Anthony Medina, Nick Palm, Sam Weber, Nick Padilla, Rolf Skar, Danny Dechi & Leslie Small.

SF Gay Pride Comedy Show @ Deco Lounge  - Rick Fletcher, Jenn Dronsky, Valeska Ville, Loren Kraut, Nick Leonard, Karen Ripley, TJ Kelsall, Kat Evasco, Jessica Sele & Dolores Trevino.

Fag Hag Comedy Show @ Deco Lounge - Shanti Charan, Pam Benjamin, Clare O'Kane, Kate Willett, Nicole Turley, Astrid, Farah Haidari, Rachael Shapiro, Jenn Dronsky, Valerie Branch, & Glamis Rory.

DragQueen Comedy Night @ Deco Lounge - Ginorma Desmond, Daniella Bella, Jenn Dronsky, Pia Messing, Nate Casteneda, Landa Lakes & Cassandra Gorgeous.

Underwear Comedy Night @ Deco Lounge - Casey Ley, William Lushbough, OJ Patterson, Jenn Dronsky, Kate Willett, Pam Benjamin, Nick Palm, Nick Sondhi, & Dave Studebaker.

Cerebral Comedy Night @ Deco Lounge - Tammy Powers, Zorba Hughes, Duat Mai, Matt Gubser, William Head, Rebecca Arthur, Leslie Small, Samson Koletkar, and Aundre the Wonder Woman.

Bear Comedy Night @ Deco Lounge - David Gborie, Nick Leonard, Mo Alexander, Antwan Johnston, Richard Dreyling, Bobby Salem, & Kurt Weitzmann.

Bi Curious Comedy Night @ Deco Lounge - Rick Fletcher, Casey Ley, Kate Willett, Jen Dronsky, Nicole Calasich, Tammy Powers, Justin Alan, Danny Minch, Nick Leonard, & Jimmy Gunn.

Disney Princess Comedy Night @ Deco Lounge - Kristee Ono, Mimi Vilmenay, Loren Kraut, Mary Alice Mcnab, Jessica Sele, Jessica Barnes, & Nicole Calasich.

Metrosexual Comedy Night @ Rebel - William Lushbough, Curtis Taylor III, Raymond Santos, Jason Rogers, Bryce Benson, Rich Dreyling, Hector Rodriquez, Chris Riggins, Steve Lee, & Marc Abrigo.

Feminista Comedy Night @ Rebel - Kollin Holtz, Carrie Avritt, Kelly Lynch, Veronica Porras, Ali Brown, Jenifer Dronsky, Loren Kraut, Eloisa Bravo, Clare O'Kane, Sandra Risser, & Colleen Watson.

Hella Gay All Stars @ Stage Werx - Shanti Charan, Tammy Powers, Loren Kraut, Jennifer Dronsky, Casey Ley, Kate Willett, Clare O'Kane, & OJ Patterson.

As the producer of the show, these are some of my favorite moments from our shows in SF, in no particular order:

* during the Fag Hag show when Andrew Moore & Farah Haidari did a cover of Sonny & Cher's, "I Got You Babe" , and Farah quiefed some of the notes thru her pussy, hilarious and ground breaking.

* getting some of our straight guy comics to tell jokes in their underwear.

* consistently drawing great crowds to all our of shows except for Bear Comedy Night because that show was on the same night as Folsom Street Fair.

* trying to run a comedy show in SF on the same night when the SF Giants won the World Series.

Last year, these shows started out as a whimsical idea to try and bring LGBT themed entertainment to the East Bay and I can't believe how much our shows have grown since then, thanks everybody!


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