Monday, November 19, 2012

I'm Sorry

this evening somebodys dog tried to come home with me.

I went to the QuickMart to get a soda and some Chinese food from the Pak Kitchen, so when I had everything and started walking back towards the house, this dog with a collar started following me from the gas station.

This cute black guy putting gas in his car called to the dog and was ignored.  I asked him if it was his and he said no but I could tell he was interested in the dog.

For whatever reason, the dog continued to follow me, even as I crossed the street.

That hound was still behind me and wouldn't you know it, that dog was smiling.

I've seen dogs smile before so I started to laugh when he began walking beside me with a gleaming smile, thats when I stopped in my tracks and said a Supai word to chase the dog away, "summa" !  It worked because the dog stopped in its tracks and when I walked into my driveway, the dog was no longer behind me.

We use to have a cat back in the 80's, Kitty Bear, and we loved that cat.  When that cat died we all took it pretty hard and never had another pet since then.

My brothers been wanting a dog for a long time so it might be time to get attached again.


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