Friday, November 30, 2012

Sherman Indian High School 1991

Wow, talk about taking a page out of my life book, this is from my Junior year at Sherman Indian High School in Riverside, California. *1990/1991*  These pages are from the sophomore class and its nice to see their old faces.

This isn't my yearbook because I'm pretty sure Leland didn't sign it.  This is so weird because I was just randomly thinking of Amada Martinez the other day.  And look, there goes Mavis James from Oakland too!

And there goes Larry at the very bottom, giving a Angie a hug, Larry was my very first roommate at Sherman.

Seems just like yesterday these pics were taken and now mostly everyone on this page started their own families.

For as long as I could remember, I would always dream about this place. This place left a huge impact on my life, I can see why, Sherman changed my life for the better.

One thing is for sure, there was a lot of hairspray being used in these pictures.



  1. My Tia went to this school she graduated in 1991 too her name is Collette Thomas-Susunkewa. Not sure if you knew her but she told us stories of this school and what impacts it had on her and how it took her from a young dependent shy Indian Rez girl to be who she is today. She is very out spoken, confident and has a huge heart of gold. Thank you for sharing this with everyone. Respectfully KBM

  2. Yes I remember Collette, who can forget her great smile. xoxo