Saturday, December 1, 2012

Bruce Springsteen - Wrecking Ball Tour

Wow, I seriously got rocked tonight by Bruce Springsteen at the Oakland Oracle Arena.

Bruce knows how to put on a show, hes pure Rock N'Roll.  He started his set @ 8:30pm and we left @ 11:00pm to avoid the traffic and he was still going strong.  You can really tell he enjoys he what he does.

Bruce had some great highlights in his concert, he gave a moment of silence for all of our loved ones past which was very moving.  Of all the music legends I've seen at the Oracle, Bruce is the only one I've seen with a real musical arc, he really did take his crowd on a cathartic journey.

Tonight he took a few request from the crowd based on their signage, this lady wrote on her sign, "Dance with a Hungarian Girl" ,  and she got her wish, that was soooooo supposed to be my Courtney Cox moment.

His crowd was mostly composed of middle aged White people and amazingly, all of them were still standing on their feet for most of the show, I thought for sure half of his crowd would have killed over after the first hour but definitely not, they came to rock out!

Bruce's music is a mixture of Scottish Celtic, Pop, Gospel, and good old fashioned rock n'roll.

Unfortunately we didn't get hear, "Born in the USA" , "Dancing in the Dark" , "Glory Days" , because we left early but I'm sure he played them in his encore.

Good job Bruce!


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