Friday, December 14, 2012

Good Gay vs. Bad Gay

In Anishnabe culture, they say the good and bad live within us all and we are whichever we feed the most, so heres my breakdown:

I'm a bad gay because I don't:
1) tap dance
2) sing
3) do hair
4) I'm not skinny
5) watch Glee *not entirely true*
6) work at Bloomingdales
7) adore Lady Gaga
8) lisp
9) not athletic
10) not attracted to other gay guys.

I'm a good gay because:
1) I'm real
2) I speak my mind
3) I love to snack
4) I think of others before myself
5) I'm nice
6) I invented the bend & snap move
7) I don't let negative shit weigh me down
8) I live my life
9) I don't take bullshit from the straight boys
10) and lastly because I love. ♥

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