Thursday, December 13, 2012


Tonight I felt like a total hero and heres how it went down.

I asked my ma if she wanted to tag along to Gilroy, California., which is about 70 miles South of Oakland for a comedy gig and just as we pulled into Highway 101 from the Nimitz freeway, I noticed a car spin out in front of us, swerve to the left, roll over, hit the embankment, and land upside down.  For a quick second, we thought the car went completely over the guard rail because it flipped over pretty high.

I was driving so I immediately slowed down, pulled over, got out of our truck and went to see if they were okay.  Some other cars pulled over too but I was the first one to the scene.

You can tell everyone who pulled over was in shock because none of them approached the car as fast as I did, they all stood around calling the police on their cellphones.

As I approached the car, I yelled out, "are you okay" , and heard a response, it was a mans voice who said, "I'm okay but get me out of here" .

So then I immediately started tugging at the backdoor and it wouldn't budge, I managed to open it enough to see a small man inside crawl from the front of the turned over car to the back.  As I peered in with disbelief I said, "were you wearing your seatbelt" , and he said, "yeah" .

I wasn't strong enough to open the fiber glass door by myself because apart of it was nudged into the dirt pretty well, thats when another person came over and helped me crack it open.

We opened it enough for the little Mexican man inside to crawl out.  He managed to wobble 5 steps before another onlooker said to stay down until the paramedics arrived.

Fortunately there wasn't anyone else in the car and remarkably he wasn't harmed or maimed in anyway because he was wearing his seat belt.  To me, that was amazing because I can still see the steering wheel and the dashboard completely totaled, if anything the guy was only shaken up a bit.

In First Aid, they taught us if we arrive at the scene of a horrific car crash, we're supposed to leave them as we found them until the paramedics get there.

I suppose I could have left him in his car but he wanted out and thats what I responded to.

Also, to the other onlookers I was like, "hey, its probably a good idea to have him wait not near his car, just in case it catches fire or something" , so then they walked him over 20ft away from his car.

There really wasn't much else for us to do so it was time to leave.  I wasn't leaving him there by himself, there were several of people who pulled over to keep the guy company until help arrived, so then I grabbed his shoulder and said, "it was nice to see you made it out of this okay" , he didn't respond back, he just continued to look at the ground and shake his head, I just smiled at him, thats when we got in our truck and continued onto Gilroy for my gig.


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