Sunday, December 30, 2012

My 2012 Year in Review

Lets see, in the beginning of 2012, I challenged myself to lose weight because me and Wesley planned a trip to visit Gay Days in Orlando, Florida., and I wanted to look my best.  This trip ended up being half vacation and half work, I got a chance to perform several places while we were there, visiting the blue beaches of South Miami was memorable.

I blogged about my weight losing efforts and looking back on, its pretty sad.  In one of my blogs I noted that I felt pretty skinny at 272.  By the time our trip rolled around in May my weight was about the same, needless to say I was pretty disappointed. 

The power of junk food has a pretty strong hold over me.  So much so, my weight as of today is 292.  I know, I can't believe it either.  I skyrocketed up another 20 lbs.  And whats worse is that I've been running consistently for the past 4 months, 3x's a week and I'm still overweight.  I looked at my activity calendar and I ran 10 months out of this year. I was so bummed to learn about my new weight that I ordered pizza and drank a coca cola. So now its binge time until time the New Year.

On January 1st for 2013, I'll hit the grind again.  I got cast in a movie later this Spring and I told the director I would lose weight for the role.  I don't think it was an issue for him but for me it definitely was.  You know, there are so many professional actors who can drop and gain weight for movie roles and the fact they have so much will power to do so amazes me.

Halfway thru the year I lost my restaurant job of 8 years.  I was pretty bummed about it because of the way I left.  Losing that job was a blessing in disguise, I was in the Food & Bev for too long and I worked for awful people.  When you work at a job with high turnover rate, you really can expect anything from them because they consider you expendable.

Since then I've been on unemployment and have been enjoying it.

The main thing that has changed since losing my job have been my sleeping patterns, because I don't work in the afternoon anymore, I go to bed @ 7am and wake up @ 6pm.  As soon my unemployment ends, everything will go back to normal so I'm just trying to enjoy my break from working.

In July I went on a road trip with my mom.  We flew to Michigan to buy her brothers truck and drove it back to Michigan.  That was a great road trip, we drove thru, Illinois, Wisconsin, Minnesota, South Dakota, Wyoming, Idaho, Nevada, and then back home into Cali.  Along the way we got to visit Wounded Knee, the Badlands, see free range Buffalo roaming in the Black Hills and Yellowstone Park, see Old Faithful, and visit some friends in Fort Hall, Idaho for their Sho/Ban Powwow, which my mom really enjoyed.

That was busy traveling time for me because an old friend came into town and we ended up driving to Southern Cali to visit Kathy Peltier and check out Disneyland.

The week after that I had a gig at the University of Illinois and then a week after that, I planned a trip to Las Vegas to see Margaret Cho perform on the strip.

This past Fall, its been challenging to travel considering I didn't have a job to pay for my expenses.  My main focus for this year was to get out of debt and I accomplished that twice.  I knew what I was getting myself into and planned well.  I can't believe I'm ending this year which extra spending money in my checking account.

Since April, I moved the Hella Gay Comedy Shows to San Francisco and we had another successful run, which prompted me to keep it going into 2013.

In December of this year, my nerves got the best of me and my stress gave into an anxiety attack.  Right now I'm still dealing with that and feel myself getting better everyday.  I never really knew how long I was living with anxiety until I looked up because I've been experiencing anxious symptoms since I can remember.  I guess I've been in denial about it the whole time.

I didn't have any love interest this year. I'm friends with plenty of hot straight guys but none of those fuckers have asked me for a blowjob, thanks for nothing guys.  For me, giving blowjob isn't love but its a start.

Besides the Hella Gay shows and the doing the movie, I really don't know whats going to happen for 2013.

I'm going to keep praying for good things, hope for the best, and stop tripping over stupid shit.


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