Friday, February 15, 2013

Charlie Ballard's Reading

While visiting with my Aunt Bev in L.A., I asked my Aunt to give my wallet to her psychic friend in Virginia Beach to see what she could pick up.  Heres what she said:


"Now, this is from memory, cause usually when I receive the info for a reading i do not remember most of it. a thought just came to me, Bev, could you transcribe it in an email and send it to him?  

I remember feeling the person owning it (it was covered in tissues) has a lot of energy and healing abilities, also a visionary. I feel they can also bi-locate. His children will also have healing abilities.

People may refer to him as "a pompous ass" but he is not. But people see him as such.  

He has dealt with depression. Likes sex, and is very sexual, and romantic.

His job-- I felt the energy go down my core from my throat to my solar plexus, so I interrupted that it is deep within him, yet I heard there is something else he would rather be doing.

His future mate--will have a lot of light within; I saw almost like a comic figure so he will have a sense of humor. I am being told now, that it will be a good match. 

That is all I can remember off the top of my head" 


Wow, if any of you guys have been reading my blogs lately, you would know how spot on she was about the depression.

One of my comedy friends also called me a visionary lately because of the Hella Gay Comedy theme shows we did last year so I thought that was on point.

And oh, the, "pompous ass" , thing.  Other comics do label me as such because I own up to being a good joke writer and  a great performer, so really, thats just them trying to project their shit on me which I why I don't fuck with them.

If anything, I'm really supportive of a lot of people.

I thought that was interesting about the solar plexis.  I'm really curious who my future mate will be, it sounds like its going to be another comedian and we're going to have a lot of sex, which is fine, I hope hes hot and has a big penis.


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