Friday, February 22, 2013

Patricia Michaels - PR Season 11 Ep.5

This weeks challenge was to design a red carpet and performance outfit for Country Pop star Miranda Lambert.

Its no coincidence that 3 designers came up with the fringe look for this diva country singer.  Jumping on the band wagon was Native American designer Patricia Michaels, Amanda Valentine and Richard Hallmarq.

Lets start with Patricia's fringe look below!  I will say this, I love how Patricia is incorporating our Native American aesthetic into the PR challenge designs but she shouldn't at the cost of the design challenge, know what I mean, otherwise shes going to get boxed in as, "powwow chic" , design princess, as judge Zach Posen so eloquently put. Lets go Patricia, its time to start showing variety!

I thought designer Amanda Valentine knocked it out of the park with her black fringe dress.  I really like the necklace accompaniment which I'm sure this dress would be great with any jewelry neck piece.

Bringing home the bacon was designer Richard Hallmarq with this fierce futuristic fringe design. The judging panel loved how he put together the mixed texture to create this metallic fringe look, I love it, its so Rock n' Roll chic.

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