Saturday, February 9, 2013

PR Season 11, Episode 3 - Patricia Michaels

Project Runway Season 11 Native American designer contestant - Patricia Michaels was in the top 3 again and this time she wowed the judges by creating her own textile with this very sassy leather cut out top.

This week their design challenge was to create an ad campaign look for Heidi Klum's new fragrance, "Surprise"  .

Needless to say Heidi Klum was completely in love with it but leave it to the resident gay judge Zach Posen to rain on her parade, as Zach chimed in, "I like it but its a better suited for a younger actress" , ouch. 

Watching the replay to see Heidi's reaction from Zach's bitchy comment is reason enough to watch this entire season, good luck Patricia, all of Native America is cheering for you!


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