Tuesday, February 5, 2013

She had a dream

We left Oakland at 6am this morning and pulled into L.A. around 11am.  We drove down the I-5 really fast and plus there was no traffic so that really helped.

For the past month, I've been co-conspiring with my Aunt Beverly in Virginia Beach, Virginia., and had this zany idea to fly her over so she could play the, "Price is Right" , with my mom.  Tomorrow, the game show has a sibling special, which means only contestants who are brothers/sisters can play.

My mom didn't know her sister flew into L.A. tonight and we surprised her pretty good.

Everything has been going great until I had a tourette moment while watching the drag show at Mickey's and blurted out, "oh fuck" !!!  I said that out loud because I just realized I forgot to remind my mom and my Aunt Bev to bring their Social Security Cards so they can play on the, "Price is Right" .   When I got back to the room and asked if they brought them, they both said no, so we'll see if the show lets them play tomorrow, I hope so.  If not, it'll still be fun to stay and watch.

If it doesn't work out, we still got, "Tonight Show" , tickets for Wednesday and plus, I think my mom and her sister were really just happy to see each other, so thats all that really matters.

For the past couple of weeks, its been really tough for myself and my Aunt B to keep this rendevous a secret from my mom.  There were a couple of times where we both had the slip of the tongue and played it off very well.  And finally tonight, after their tearful re-union, my mom said to the both of us that she knew Bev was coming because she had a dream that she was with us in L.A.

So there you have it, whatever happens this week is meant to be.


                     they were shooting a movie at our hotel when we arrived

Marina Del Rey

Aunt Bev is all smiles !!

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