Sunday, March 10, 2013

PR Season 11 Ep. 7 - Patricia Michaels

I just got caught up on this past weeks Project Runway #teams and this week I learned my taste is out of date.

This week the designers had an innovation challenge where they had to make a dress out of duct tape.  First, I want to say kudos to all the PR designers, they all did great under a very short time frame. 

The duct tape prom challenge is inspired by a real contest sponsored by Duct Tape where high school students make prom outfits out of duct tape in hopes of winning college scholarships.  I bring this up because I want my readers to know the design aesthetic between high school students and professional designers.

I pulled this down from the web, its from a Kansas high school Sr.- Brooke Wallace, who was a finalist in last years competition, she spent almost 200 hrs. putting this look together.

Okay, now we a have point of reference.  Good job to Brooke, her dress looks fun.

Now on to the pro's, now mind you guys, the PR designers only had a day to create their duct tape prom looks.

I thought for sure and I repeat, I thought for sure that designers Richard Hallmarq and Daniel Esquivel were going to win this weeks challenge with their gold cocktail dress made out of duct tape.  And you could tell it was theres to lose with their confident attitudes.

And thats when the judging panel began their gang bang and I quote from Nina Garcia, "you guys went from hero's to zero's"  . Wow, are you kidding me?  This dress looks gorgeous.  The judging panel said this silhouette came from the 80's and was out of date.

The detailing cut outs on the sides was really cute.  I really thought this dress had a nice elegance to it and it also reminded me of something Giani Versace would have made, it has so much glam and sophistication to it but oh well, I guess thats just me.

Moving on, heres the dress that took first runner up by designers Patricia Michaels and Samantha Black.  I'm not going lie, I thought for sure Native American designer Patricia Michaels was going home tonight.

Patricia and Samantha created this multi-textile bubble dress by layering the cut outs of their duct tape.  This dress was also voted by high schoolers as the best duct tape dress among the PR designers this week which counted for 20% of the vote.  The judging panel ate this dress up too, they loved Patricia's innovation and gave her much deserved kudos on always bringing something new & exciting to PR week after week.

This weeks winning duct tape dress went to designers Michelle Franklin & Layana Aguilar. I did not like it which means it was great.  The color and the print they created from using duct tape is unreal.  This dress is extremely fun and modern.

So there you have it, thank you to Patricia/Samantha & Michelle/Layana for pushing my boundaries, the majority rules.


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  1. I have to agree on the Patricia Michaels dress. I honestly thought it was VERY "undesigner." The picture from the high school student was waaay better than a lot of the designers. I agree about the gold dress. I thought it was fabulous,too. I think that Nina is out of touch with what the general public wants. Cause every prom I did dresses for, The girls wanted LLLOONNG! I think it's the mentality of the panel. Short=junior wear. I have felt that since project runway went from Bravo to Lifetime that the show has become more about storylines and winning ratings rather than actual talent. I mean, do I need to quote Elton John's rant when he called the American Idol audience racists for voting off the people with real "voices" who just so happen to be of "color." I think the judges are more adhereing to the audience's rants than actual talent. When you look at past contestants, a lot of them have had difficulty making it in the fashion industry and those who are making it, are trying to distance themselves from PR.