Saturday, March 30, 2013

Project Runway Season 11 Ep.10

We almost at witts end and this was the week I thought for sure Native American designer Patricia Michaels was going home.

This weeks challenge was to create an avante garde and ready to wear look inspired the Guggenheim Museum of Modern Art in NYC.

I really liked Patricia's design but she needed some serious editing, I blame her having a weak partner for not catching her pitfalls.  Her partner, Richard Hallmarq was completely clueless in his own design direction and spent most of his time making a bracelet.

Lets take a look at Patricia's dress.

First, I would have said to Patricia the bottom is really messy and the whole concept is too abstract, theres no clear form or visible silhouette happening here.  Second, theres no function in the dress because the model couldn't move her arms even if she tried.  The white veil is nice but not used correctly, instead it just looks like she attending her own wake.

What would I have suggested if I was Patricia's partner, first I would have suggested making some nice pants of the fabulous textile she created for the bottom, the top could have been more a-symmetrical and shorter on the top giving the arms more movement and thirdly, I would have suggested making a while veil hoodie, which I believe is way more modern than what was going on here.

Moving on, my favorite ready to wear look was made by Daniel Esquivel but really, his look was inspired more by the aesthetics of his contemporary partner - Layana Aguilar, to whom of which he didn't give any credit.  Daniel made a really nice blazer and its hard for me to believe he could make a skirt like like that with his dated designs.

My 2nd favorite dress was Stanley Hudson's ready to wear exaggerated baby doll dress which I thought could have been a tad shorter for more cuteness.

The winning look by was designer Michelle Franklin with her depressing Edwardian green goth gown.  The cut of her outfit is simply superb but I prefer designs that invoke joy.  If I didn't watch this episode I would have never known the bottom was made from bubble wrap and black paint, amazing.

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