Saturday, April 20, 2013

Getting there

This week I met a nutritionist and learned a couple things.  I learned that I can't eat salt because thats the shit thats been leading to my high blood pressure.  So today I went shopping and bought food based on the discussions I had with the nutritionist.  On top of that, it was such a nice day I had to go for a run.

My other plus for today was that when we went to go a see a movie, instead of getting my usual junk food like nachos, a hot dog, a slerpee, or something else fattening,.I decided to go with a big bottle of water and some macadamia cookies.

And for some strange reason, when I got home from all that healthy shopping, I felt like making chocolate covered strawberries, so I watched a youtube video on how to make them and viola, they turned out great!

In other comedy news, on Thursday night I did a show for Storking Comedy in Oakland and got served.  This is what I mean, for this show, the host - OJ Patterson, does an interview with his guest after their sets and he got me good with his clever dialogue.  After my set, I was basically ranting about how even though Gay Marriage will likely pass in the U.S. Supreme Court, its going to be years before we finally start getting treated with dignity and respect from mainsteam America. 

And thats when OJ said, "are you just mad because when Gay Marriage passes you'll have no one to marry" ? *Ohhhh burn and insert applause break from the audience*

Damn that OJ, he got me good. Needless to say that was some funny ass shit.  I will admit that I have crafted many clever lines over the course of my stand up comedy career on unsuspecting audience members, so it was quite refreshing to be on the opposite end.

Heres a status update that I posted to facebook inspired by OJ's quip:

When Gay Marriage finally passes in the United States and if I have no one to marry, I will not be left standing. You guys can believe I'll be taking one of my straight guy friends to Las Vegas, put a roofie into his drink, and when he wakes up in the morning, I'm going to be smoking a cigarette, holding a marriage certificate, pointing to a ring on my finger while wearing sexy lingerie and say, "I yooouuuurrrr wife Muthaf*cker" !!!!!!

And heres a picture of the clever host himself - OJ Patterson, also check out his Bay Area Comedy Blog:

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  1. WTG CK....eating healthy is good. I couldn't pass up on the nachoes though when I went to see Oblivion, had a coupon for a free medium soda if I purchased nachoes. Your choc. strawberries look so delish!